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Regulatory Documents

Wyoming SGATs

CenturyLink's Statements of Generally Available Terms and Conditions for Interconnection, Unbundled Network Elements, Ancillary Services and Resale of Telecommunications Services

Available as downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF files (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Wyoming SGATs filed


Wyoming 6th Revised SGAT Effective September 8, 2002 (except as noted)

Download Adobe PDF files:

  • SGAT Filed 7/8/02 Clean
  • SGAT Filed 7/8/02 Redline
  • Exhibit A (Rates) Clean - Effective 5/3/05.
  • Exhibit A (Rates) Redline - Effective 5/3/05.
  • Exhibit B (PIDS) Clean - Effective 8/22/07. Filed 6/26/07
  • Exhibit B (PIDS) Redline - Effective 8/22/07. Filed 6/26/07
  • Exhibit C (Service Intervals)
  • Exhibit D (Poles, Ducts, Conduits)
  • Exhibit E (Vertical Features)
  • Exhibit F (Special Request Process)
  • Exhibit G (Change Management Process) Clean
  • Exhibit G (Change Management Process) Redline
  • Exhibit H
  • Exhibit I (ICB)
  • Exhibit J (Reciprocal Compensation Option)
  • Exhibit K (PAP) Clean - Effective 8/22/07. Filed 6/26/07.
  • Exhibit K (PAP) Redline - Effective 8/22/07. Filed 6/26/07.
  • Exhibit L (Advice Adoption Letter)
  • Exhibit M (Interim Advice Adoption Letter)
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